E&G Graetzin 915
outdoor alcohol lamp

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On the left:
Lamp shown with original globe

On the right:
First attempt...

From an old study done by dr. H. Lahde we can learn how the lamp works.
The fuel used is alcohol (spiritus).
Amount of light output is +/- 100cp

On the left step 1.
The key is turned all the way to the right.
A tube fills until the level is the same as in the pressureless tank.

Drawing: H.U. Lahde

Step 2:
The key is turned to the left.
The first filled tube is emptied in the pre heater ring. At the same time the generator is filled over a filter gauze.

Drawing: H.U. Lahde

Step 3:
The key is still in the left position.
The filled generator starts to vaporize and gas is pressed, by the liquid fuel underneith, into a gas dome and then downwards to the nozzle, where it is mixed with air from outside and ingnited by the still burning pre heater ring.

Drawing: H.U. Lahde

More later...