Lamps in transport
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Lampen op transport

Lamps on the move

Lampen transportieren

Op deze pagina wil ik een verzameling aanlegen van transportmiddelen voor lampen. Met name transport- of opbergkisten; origineel, nabouw of eigenbouw. Maar wel allemaal met maten of een tekening om na te bouwen.
Natuurlijk lukt dit alleen wanneer iedereen informatie opstuurd.
Bij deze dan ook het verzoek om dit te doen.

Lamps on the move
Throughout the years all kinds of transport boxes are made to transport our precious lamps.
On this page I want to collect all kind of designs of transportboxes; original, original-rebuild or own idea. But all with dimensions and maybe drawings. So that everybody can use them and build his or hers own box.
Off coarse this only works with your help, so please send me your desing with dimensions or drawings.

Lampen transportieren
Durch der Zeit hat mann Kisten gebraucht um unsere Lampen zu transportieren. Auf dieser Seite will ich die Entwürfen sammlen; original, original nachbau oder eingene idee aber alle mit Abmessungen und vieleicht Zeichnungen sodas mann die Kisten nachbauen kann.

Petromax_834/835_kist Petromax_834/835_kist

As a first impression my own wooden box that I made for my Petromax 834/835 donut hanging lamp. Dimensions will follow.


Another example is the WW2 petromax 2827 box. This is an original wooden box. Dimensions : 375 x 375 x 375 - 16mm. The lid is 75mm high. All corners have metal protection plates.

Swiss army box labels

But some boxes come with labels, as the swiss HASAG/Px boxes.
Here are the labels of these boxes in a PDF file.
You can download them by clicking on the lantern.

www.petromax.nl_Continental_kist www.petromax.nl_Continental_kist www.petromax.nl_Continental_kist

Here is a nice example of an old wooden lamp box.
It's for a Colag Continental Pionier 5015 lantern. In the lid is a clamp for a matchbox. In the bottom a space to keep a fuelcontainer.
Dimensions (outside) are :
Height: 410 mm
Width/depth: 220 mm
Thickness: 15 mm; bottom/top: 10mm
Lid height: 105mm / 40mm

www.petromax.nl_Pekka_kist www.petromax.nl_Pekka_kist
www.petromax.nl_Pekka_kist www.petromax.nl_Pekka_kist www.petromax.nl_Pekka_kist

Here is a nice example of a home made Petromax wooden lamp box.
It's made by Pekka Sipila for the transport of a petromax lantern.
At the side there is space to keep a fuelcontainer. The horizontal plate is placed 315mm from the bottom.
Dimensions (outside) are :
Height: 470 mm
Width: 350 mm
Depth: 250 mm
Thickness: 14 and 12mm, plywood

www.petromax.nl_Uwe_Püllenberg_AL21 www.petromax.nl_Uwe_Püllenberg_AL21

Uwe Puellenberg (Germany) made a nice box for his Tilley AL21 lamp.
Under the lamp there are some extra openings for the spares parts and tools. The box also has a small container in the lid as well as a funnel holder.
Dimensions (outside) are :
Height: 350 mm
Width: 280 mm
Depth: 240 mm
Thickness: 10mm, plywood

I made a 3D model with skechtup and here is a video presentation (3Mb).

www.petromax.nl_Vapalux_kist www.petromax.nl_Vapalux_kist
www.petromax.nl_Vapalux_kist www.petromax.nl_Vapalux_kist
www.petromax.nl_Vapalux_kist www.petromax.nl_Vapalux_kist

Here is a nice Vapalux wooden lamp box.
It's for an English Vapalux lantern and it is made by: Stephan Emrich (Germany)
At the left side there is space for the two piece reflector and in the top drawer you can put all the extra's.
Box outside: Width 23cm, Depth 21cm, Height 49cm
Shade compartment: Width 4cm, Depth 19cm, Height 35cm
Lamp compartment: Width 16cm, Depth 19cm, Height 35cm
Drawer compartment: Width 21cm, Depth 19cm, Height 11cm

The box is made of plywood of 1cm thickness, screwed together with small brass wood screws.
The drawer is glued together 4mm plywood.
The two piece splitted shade is held in upright position by the small wooden block glued on the bottom.
The hinges are recessed, hinges and lock are made of brass as well.

Stephan, thank you for sharing.

Here are two boxes for a Tilley lamp.
This one is for an English Tilley T-type table lamp and is in as found condition.
The lid on the front is kept in place by two pins in the sides during transportation.
Box outside: Width 217mm, Depth 228mm without lid, Height 407mm
The box is made of plywood of 12mm thick.

I made some digital options for the top part:

www.petromax.nl_Tilley-TL_kist www.petromax.nl_Tilley-TL_kist

This is a box made for a Tilley Wall lamp (WL-type).



It is made from 20mm thick wood and the internal dimensions are:
Length 460mm, Width 196mm, Depth 235mm

Iain, thank you for sharing.

And now it's on to you !