MARLA - Spiritus lamp
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Gebr. Lauterbach
Oranienstrasse 183
Berlin SO 26
Berlin SO 36, Teupitzerstrasse 63E
Postcheckkonto : Berlin 52633 - Fernsprecher: F8 Oberbaum 2769

Marla von Martin Müller

Marla von Martin Müller.

The MARLA lamp is an inverted spiritus or alcohol lamp. The vapor pressure needed to run well is provided by the inverted design and the increasing vapor pressure of the vaporizing spiritus.

It is a simple but good working design going back in time around 1910-1930. The Lauterbach brothers, Eduard the merchant and Josef the engineer, started the developement (?) of the lamp. Somewhere in time the company name was changed from Gebr. Lauterbach (1910) in in MARLA GmbH.

I found two patents in 2005 of the brothers: one in the UK: GB191001113A dating back to 1910 and an Austrian patent: AT 47819B also from 1910.
You can find these patents here:

MARLA_Postkarte Marla_Sparlicht


Advertentie van rond 1910 / Advert von around 1910 /Prospekt von rund 1910.

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