Blad 1-1


This is a STANDARD made gasoline burning donut lamp marked with SERROT.
The lamp has a steel 22cm diam. tank and a big size pressure gauge and a specially made filler cap and built in air pump. The reflector, pressure gauge and filler cap are marked with SERROT.
The air release screw on the filler cap is marked with the letter B.
The lamp is esspecially designed to burn gasoline : the filler cap has a bult in safety pressure release valve to insure safety when the pressure inside the tank should become to high and the pump valve is closed with a positive shut off. A design that also is used in Coleman lanterns like the military SMC-lanterns. The overall height of the lantern is about 40 cm and it weights (empty) 3.3 Kg. The amount of light is estimated on 250 - 350 cp.