Ditmar blue flame heater

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On request the information of the Ditmar lamp. The mantle and chimney is my own suggestion. They fit but I donīt know if its original.
The text on the filler-cap is :
and in the center: a wagonwheel(?) with one wing and a sun.
The text on the wickknob is :
Made in Austria
Fabrique en Autrich

More about R. Ditmar

ditmar03 ditmar03 wick knob

The round wick is limited in its height by the construction of the flamespreader/generator This is the black part wich can be removed. Its made as one piece of holes.

ditmar_fs ditmar_fs_detail

It has a centerdraft tube and three ball-feet under the (16cm diam.) recevoir.

burner feet

Outer wick tube Gallery

wick detail