The Origin and Development of the Incandescent Paraffin Lamp

A. R. J. RAMSEY, C.P A., (Member of Council)
(Read at the Science Museum, London, 2 October 1968)


Faraday House Testing Laboratories 25 July 1924
Report Upon
Test of Three Aladdin Incandescent
Parafin Lamps

In accordance with your instructions of July 23rd, we have tested the three Aladdin Incandescent Paraffin Lamps you submitted to us, and have pleasure in reporting upon them as follows :
 Three Model II Aladdin central drought incandescent paraffin lamps were submitted, which were identical in all ways with the exception of the generator. In the case of No. I lamp the generator was of the standard pattern, i.e. with holes in the top as well as at the side.  In the case of No. 2 lamp there were only two holes in the top of the generator as well as the holes at the side.  In No. 3 lamp there were no holes at the top of the generator, but the usual holes at the side.
Each lamp was lit, and allowed to burn for a few minutes to reach its normal temperature, and then the horizontal Candle Power of each lamp was respectively measured. The following figures were obtained.

Lamp No.
Candle Power

1 64.1 Mantle incandescent
2 41.2 Mantle partly incandescent
3 1.7 Mantle not incandescent

The above tests were carried out in the presence of Mr. A. R. J. Ramsey,
and of the representative of Messrs. Aladdin Industries Ltd.

Alexander Russell
A. J. Morris
Superintendent of Testing

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